In this vast world – in this extended universe that goes far beyond our physical sight – we are just tiny drops – we are specs… YET, the inflamed egos make us feel more than we are.  We no longer just enjoy the privilege of life.  We no longer relish in the love that is given freely.  We have become something else.  Too many men have developed a God Complex.

So in times where ultra-racist march on American soil or leaders of nations throw verbal bashes as if the world were a playground or well-armed men with mental issues murder the innocent by the dozens, HOW DO ARTIST RESPOND?  Do you gage the temperature of the world then its business as usual?  Do we become the mirrors of the soul and reflect the ugliness that has become far too common?  Are we the bearers of bad news and report just as any other news anchor – except our news is on canvas or brick walls or spit in verses or scribbled on pages? 

The ROLE OF THE ARTIST is not to run.  The ROLE OF THE ARTIST is not to blend in.  The ROLE OF THE ARTIST has and will always be rooted in TRUTH.   For we see the world from multiple perspectives at once and only an artist can regurgitate what we see.

To my fellow artist:  Be Truthful – HEAL – report – Be Angry – Be HURT – be LOUD – be Vibrant – be HEARD – be SEEN …….. do not lay your head on your pillow in slumber and hoping for a better tomorrow.   MAKE TOMORROW better. ….. TOUCH the WORLD around you.  Yes, we are just specs in the universe, but our specs are a tad bit more colorful.

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