I have felt defeated in my life.  I know the emptiness of unfulfilled potential.  I have felt hopeless and unable to move beyond certain boundaries.  I have been down many of these paths that lead to nowhere.  And that is why it’s such a GREAT feeling when you accomplish goals.  Some people look at my life from the outside and only know the victories.  When they say “the sweet taste of victory,” they ain’t lying.   Victory taste like expensive chocolate coated over an exotic nut.


The solo exhibit BLK HND SDE was a victory on many levels.  There was an opportunity to showcase my work in a gallery (Blanc Gallery / Chicago) I have been wanting to be in for at least 4 years.  I stepped outside of my comfort zone and created art I would not normally do; unsure how it would be received by the public.  Of course I spend countless hours creating art, but somehow I was able to balance my time with my family.  I met so many new people in the last 5 weeks that were either new to the art scene or new to my work.  The cherry on top was the purchasing of the art – both by local collectors and out of state.  This body of work resonated with the public and I appreciated every conversation I had about it.


So the year is half over and I feel fulfilled.  I know there are six more months that I have to grind and keep pushing – but as of now – this moment – I’m happy.

Figure out what you want in life and work feverishly toward it, until you are FULFILLED.  Then set new goals.