Finding Me

In the Beginning there was ART,  at least in my life....  Yes, I know Genesis tells us that in the beginning there was something different, but I would like to think that the greatest artist of all created EVERYTHING. In my world, I'm consumed by art.  Every minute of the day I have maybe 30 thoughts about color, light, compositions, painting, photography, lyrics, stanzas, shadows, etc.   If I'm not creating art, I'm thinking about it.

Over the last year,  I have been doing far more thinking than creating.  I partnered up with my buddy Michelle Merritt  and we had this wonderful space called APLOMB in a section of Chicago called Westtown.  APLOMB was beautiful - and not just the art - it was beautiful in conception, the atmosphere, the people, the conversations, the eloquent food and cocktails, the music, the laughter, the thoughts, the energy and YES of course there was ART as well.  Artist from all different levels of professionalism graced the walls of Aplomb.  I wanted to own it all, because not only do I create art, I also collect it.   So during this 15-month period, PAUL THE ARTIST was pushed to a tiny corner.   That's not to say that I wasn't painting, drawing or writing - just not cranking out the amount of work that I normally do.

Now I sit here today typing on these keys thinking about who I am and the impact I must have in this community - in this city - in this world.... with my ART.  I'm back.  I'm me.  I am the eternal creator and dreaming - maker of things.  Although there is a business aspect to almost everything in life, I must promise myself to never get too far to the right, that I forget to make studio time.  I AM ART.