Finding My Place

Years from now someone will write about this moment.  Historians will dig and research the Chicago art scene to bridge the gap between past and present.  Names will be listed and works of art will be published.  Students will sit and marvel and what the world considers to be Master Artist.  Young artist will build their own voice while mimicking the strokes of the artist they aspire to be.  I have no idea where I will be ranked, but I do want to be mentioned.

I was influenced heavily by the artist that came before me - I'm most certainly inspired by many of my contemporaries.  So if years from now, a young artist is sparked by looking at a body of my work, then my life would have meant something.  I'm certain memories and stories of my life will be carried through my children - but the portion of my life that I hold sacred - the whole purpose of my being - it lies between what I do with paint, graphite, paper, canvas, words, film .... God made an artist in 1973 through the seeds of Frank and Vernita Branton.  If I am truly able to walk the path that was meant for me, then my impact on the world should be substantial and my name listed in publications among others who contributed to culture.  I think we all should look at our lives in this manner. 

Black Consumption????    - founds objects on 47th street- in a Chicago private collection

So how do I get from where I am now to being mentioned amongst the greats in future publications?  To put it simple, I have to make DOPE ART.  I have to continue to elevate.  I have to introduce myself to different markets.  It is nearly 2016 and time is moving fast.

I want to thank all of those that have had an opportunity to watch my growth as an artist and show support throughout that progress.  I do hope that you stay on this journey with me.  This next year has a few things on the slate so far: 

January solo show at NYCH (16 BARS - an artistic view of 16 of the most impactful hip hop lyrics in my life)

June solo show at William Hill Gallery (Walking Pigeon-toed Through a Porcelain Wilderness - An honest look at black fatherhood throughout American history) 

There will be some artistic directive work with Bunny DeBarge and collaborative efforts with Louder Than A Bomb.