high expectations

Although there are no guarantees in life, I have always felt that if you put in the right amount of effort your chances increase tremendously.  I’m not the hardest working person that I know, but I do grind.  I have met people that literally never sleep – every moment of everyday is either doing or thinking about their dream.  I have the same amount of passion, but I can’t totally ostracize my family.  Their patience and understanding with me when it comes to my art is already appreciated.  To reach any point of success you have to be committed.  With that in mind, I set both short and long term goals.        

This years I set 5 goals for myself:

  1.  Solo exhibit in my home market (Chicago).  Earlier this year I had a solo show at NYCH Gallery that was well received.  This late summer I have a solo show at Good Details.  In my mind, it’s the most important exhibit of my life.  It’s time to take another step forward.

  2. Take part in successful group exhibits.  The Farewell 44 exhibit got great exposure and it’s always a plus when I gain new collectors of my work.  This summer I will participate in one of the best group exhibits EVER in Chicago.  I’m extremely excited about what is about to take place this summer.

  3. Multiple Streams of Income.   I host Sip and Paint events both for the public and private.  That portion of my business has been steady.  It literally pays for my daughter’s expensive college education.  Thank God.

  4. Get in more publications.  It had been years since something was written about my art in any type of publication.  This year I have been featured in Ebony Magazine.  I’m humbled and thankful.   At the same time, I’m even hungrier for exposure.

  5.  Exhibit in outside markets.  It’s about to enter the 5th month of the year and I have NOT booked any exhibits outside of my hometown.   This is something I need to put the full court press on.  It’s time to hit the road.



    I once said that success rarely comes without some form of failure.  I have fallen many times.  I have learned many lessons.  You have to apply those failures to build your future.  Yes, I’m still a work in progress.  There are so many things I want to accomplish before I leave this fin earth.  I plan to reach most, if not ALL of my goals.

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Get this magazine and turn to page 20-21