Failure / Success

Success rarely comes without some form of failure .... and I have failed a lot.  Mostly minor failures, but a few colossal screw ups.  Yet we are not measured by our failures - you should never let yourself be defined by failure.  The mark of success is how much we learn from failure and how far we reach afterwards.  We know of Malcolm's imprisonment,  but we are more focused on the end result of his evolution.  I'm sure the Wright brothers crashed a hundred times, but that's not why history remembers them.  It is what you do after that crash that gets written about.

Life aint been no crystal stairs ..... not everyone is give a great head start in life.  Some people dont have trust funds and plush summer jobs.  It is this idea of starting from the bottom and working your way up.  Its humbling.  I was never dirt poor, but there are many events in my life where I had to do without.  Does that make you appreciate things more?  maybe ..... I do know it certainly made me want to achieve more.  I wanted to be the best at whatever I did.  Does that mean Im the best artist in Chicago?  Hell no .... but Im working on it.

This summer I will bring the heat.  Despite all my shortcomings and past failures, after this summer I bet more people will remember me.  There should be something left on their minds because of my art.  I am not the imprisoned Malcolm, but rather the fiery speaker that sparked the minds of thousands.