EGO Trippin

The most talented people in the world are driven by either believing they are or striving toward the idea of being the best at what they do.  It is this drive and passion that allows us to evolve and get better.  I used the word “us” because I put myself in this category.  That’s not to say that I’m an egomaniac, but in order to reach any level of success that thought pattern has to be in place.  You have to picture yourself in certain positions – and if you are picturing yourself in a certain position, why the hell would you ever have thoughts of being in second place if you gave a damn? 

It is our ego that both helps and hurts.  It is our ego that pushes us toward greatness.  With that being said, we have to recognize when to push the ego aside.  We have to understand that not one person gets to where they are on their own.  You can reach even higher heights if there is a collective effort.

As an artist I have been involved in several group shows over the years.  There are special moments in life in which an individual artist shines – but then there are moments where the SHOW shines.  When the level of talent rises so high in each individual that the entire body of work exceeds any expectations.  I am honored to have experienced that this summer.  I have enjoyed some success this year – and I feel like my art continues to grow both in substance and exposure – but what I have done as an independent artist is minuscule compared to the current group show that I’m part of.  From the concept to the curator, it blows me away.  I’m thankful.

Being around a lot of artist all the time makes you want to step your game up.  Iron sharpens iron.  The proof sits on the 3rd floor of 2635 S. Wabash – a nondescript building seemingly in the middle of nowhere.  Yet on the 3rd floor, this old brick warehouse holds perhaps the best exhibit in the Midwest.  When egos are laid to the side  and artist are able to create freely and with purpose, the most magnificent things can happen.