My entire career has been about stepping stones;  growing both as an artist, but also as an entity.  An entity?  Yes .... Just like I am a father, son and husband at the same time, I find myself having to be an artist, promotor and brand at the same time.

I entered this year for the first time in a long time not having ANY solo shows on my schedule.  It was very liberating but frustrating.  The slate was clean and I could make it whatever I wanted.  However, in this art game you always have to have a partner (somewhat).   Propping your art on an easel and standing on the corner of 79th and Harvard aint gonna make things happen.  I need venues - I need a destination - I need the perfect locations to invite my current and future collectors.

So while I was cooking up new work, I was also building relationships.  I joined a fantastic art collective (Pigment INT), I partnered with (Young Chicago Authors) and linked with (No Cuts No Glory).  All of which have the same outlook and mindset as myself.  At the end of the day, we are all trying to be the greatest versions of ourselves - so why not sharpen each other?


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