Next Steps

I have always had the mindset of greatness.  However I can’t exclude moments of self-doubt that I’m sure many creatives go through.  Overall, it's the great expectations that I place upon myself that allows me to succeed.  Am I the greatest artist to ever live?  Not all all …. yet there is a part of me that won’t be relegated to bum status.  The physical act of creating art is what it is - they call it “practicing artist”, because we are always developing our craft (or you would assume the greats do).  The biggest hurdle is not creating great art.  In my opinion, the much larger hurdle is the mental aspect; believing what you created is great…. overcoming moments when you create bad art.  ANY ARTIST THAT TELLS YOU THEY NEVER MADE BAD ART IS A LIAR - either to you or to themselves.  Its part of our growth.

In a couple of weeks I continue my path of greatness.  Yes, I have to use the word “greatness” because If I don’t believe it, there is no way in hell others will believe it.  We create our own destinies with work ethic, talent, faith and a pinch of good timing.  We all have seen far less talented artist succeed - hence timing and great marketing.   So yes, in December my journey to greatness continues - and I hope you are there to witness it.

December 4-6th 2018, in conjunction with Pigment International, please see my art in person at The Penthouse Wharf (125 SW North River Dr., Miami, FL).   I expected it to be a life changing experience.