Let’s TALK  - no, let’s CONFESS.  I’m gonna start with am admittance of guilt.  I am a pretender.  No, the man you know or think you know is not me - well not fully.  People have followed my art career for years an have seen growth and successes and failures.  Those people have me figured out - pretty well pegged.  What if I told you what you think you know, you don’t know?

Good morning, my name is Paul and I’m an Abstract Artist.  I know, I can see the look on your face and tell there is shock and a small hint of disgust.  But please allow me to explain.  I have ALWAYS been attracted to abstraction in all its various forms.  I have ALWAYS created abstract art.   You are now questioning WHY have you all not seen any of this work.  FEAR ….. fear is the only answer I can think of.  I rarely show this side of myself.   It’s almost like people hiding porn.   Was I ashamed of my abstract art?   I’m not sure if ashamed is the right word.   To me, I lacked the confidence to show the public because I felt it wasn’t good enough.  There, I said it.   My art was WHACK in my eyes.  I stayed in the closet because I wasn’t ready for y’all to see this side of me.  But no more - I’m out the closet.  It’s finally time to reveal myself.   My name is Paul Branton, and I’m an abstract artist.

Recently I reconnected with some old friends at Gallery Guichard.  Opening on April 11th, my true coming out moment happens in a couple weeks.  For those that know me as a figurative artist, I do hope you don’t spit on me in public (laughing so hard on the inside).  For all of my collectors around the country, come see this new branch of my art life.  I genuinely hold warm places in my heart for all those who have supported me.   This new phase is a leap of faith and I hope you continue on this journey with me. 

Mamas Makeup.jpg