Define Yourself

Last year was wide open for me.  I entered the year with no set exhibits and direct agenda.  I navigated the year almost like a single man wondering through a club; in search of something but not exactly sure of what.  This year is different.  Its more defined, more organized and if its possible, more determined.  I’ve met a lot of people and sold a bunch of art in a short span of time.  Only a couple of months are erased from 2019 and my art world has been churning nonstop.  So what are my main objectives of this year?   First, I need to make sure my solo show in May at BLANC Gallery is top notch.  I need the work to speak for itself and continue to raise the bar.  With the art collective Pigment, there is an opportunity to take my art to Los Angeles, Expo show and once again back to Miami to close out the year.  With that being said, I have high expectations - stepping stones have grown larger and i’m up for the challenge.